Unlike the Rolling Stones, You Can GetSatisfaction

Every few years a company emerges by establishing its name, and undying customer loyalty, by providing unbelievable customer service. If you’ve ever dealt with Nordstrom (department stores) you know the experience. Others in this lofty category include L.L. Bean, Four Seasons Hotels, Apple, Starbucks, and Lexus. And, of course, Zappos. Zappos is an Internet retailer … Continued

Dave Nelsen Wins #1 Vistage Int’l Speaker Award

When I talk to companies about creating effective social media strategies, I emphasize that they must provide content that is of value to their target audiences. After all, if it’s not valuable to them, they won’t devote their time and attention to you. Put another way, “Marketing is not about us, it’s about them,” (quoted … Continued