Borrowing Your Competitors’ Web Strategies Best Parts

Half of all Internet traffic starts with a search. Are you curious what words and phrases (a.k.a. keywords) are generating traffic for your competitors? Do you wonder whether they’re using Google pay per click advertising, and if so, for what keywords? How many web visitors are they getting? How much are they spending?

Amazingly, you can get answers to each of these questions for free! The tool is called SEM means search engine marketing, and the information you’ll discover is definitely a rush.

At SEMrush, enter each competitor’s name and click the “Overview” tab. The first thing you’ll see is a four-year traffic graph showing paid and organic (unpaid) monthly visitors. Which of your competitors are winning… or losing? You’ll likely discover that the ones growing consistently are also participating in social media. Blogging alone generates an average of 55% more web traffic. Which tools are they using?

Below the traffic graph, you’ll see a pie chart showing the percentage of their traffic that’s coming from ads vs. organic. Are they generating meaningful business using pay per click? Are you?

Just a little farther down the page, you’ll see their top 10 organic and paid keywords, their associated Google rankings, visitor count, and cost per click. It’s like breaking into their marketing department in the middle of the night and stealing their strategic plan.

Half of all Internet traffic starts with a search. The data at SEMrush will help you get your fair share, and possibly a lot more.

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