A New Tool for Professional Speakers

I usually write my posts for business people. This piece is targeted more narrowly at just professional speakers, or anyone in front of an audience who wants to easily capture the names and email addresses of attendees (on a consensual basis, of course).

The tool is called KiwiLive.com. Go there now, ideally using your smartphone (for the typical experience) and enter my keyword “social” (without quotes).

You’ll be prompted for your name (optional) and email address (mandatory). Once you provide this information, you’ll get a screen to download my social media for business handout and/or watch any of my 23 social media for business video segments… for free.

That’s the incentive. Give something (valuable content) to get something (audience email addresses). Maybe you’ll give away a discount code or have an iPad drawing instead. You get to decide.

In addition to being granted mobile access to my content, you’ll receive an email with my contact card and links to my handout and videos, in case you want to access them from your desktop… or share with coworkers.

By the way, you’ll also see my LinkedIn profile, Google+ page, and Twitter feed. As a speaker, you get to configure KiwiLive to show what you want to share, and to collect what you want to know (people’s titles, company names, key questions, whatever). The main question is, “What keyword (AKA kiwi) will you choose?”

How cool is that? As a speaker, you’ll pay just $10 per month for this fabulous service and connect with far more of your audience today and tomorrow. Imagine what that could worth!

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